Pdhpe relationships
Updated: 3/22/2020
Pdhpe relationships

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  • a negative relationships is when people feel distant between each other, they can also feel scared or intimidated by the other person
  • control. when one person iin the relationship is always getting there way and doesn't compromise 
  • physical abuse. When one partner is physically hurting the other person to get there way
  • intimidation. one person in the relationship is making the other feel timid and scared and like they do not compare
  • dishonesty. not telling the truthall the time and not having open conversations to eachother
  • A positive relationship is when there are two people who care about each other and trust respect and have a positive impact on each other and make the other people feel happy
  • good communication. being able to express your feelings and thoughts to the other person in the relationship
  • honesty. being honest and not lying to each other and being truthful this builds trust in the relationship
  • Respect. trating the other person in the relationship the same way you want to be treated
  • trust. Both people trusting the others in the relationship and making it stronger because you give each other the benefit of the doubt
  • having a negative relationship can affect your health and wellbeing in a negative way because it can make you feel more self concius about yourself and yoou can stop doing things that you usally do because of your partner
  • having a positive relationship can positively affect your health and wellbeing it can make you feel happier as a person and feel more confident and a better person because of the support and influencing from your partner
  • By Amelia MasonPositive and negative relationshipspart C