pdh assignment
Updated: 3/22/2020
pdh assignment

Storyboard Text

  • A positive relationship is when two people support, trust, respect, communicate and to be loyal to each other.
  • Support is when two people in a relationship help each other to cope with the tough times and maximise the good times. Support in a relationship can be just like asking questions on how they are swell as helping each other through the good and bad.
  • Yes please.
  • Do you want me to do anything? Do you want a drink?
  • How did you go in the race? You ran really well!
  • Can I tell you something mum.
  • Trusting someone in a relationship means that you think they are reliable, you have confidence in them and you feel safe with them.
  • Of course darling.
  • That's cool! You would look good in that.
  • Respect is very important in a relationship. You need to respect other people decisions.
  • I am going to get my hair died pink!
  • How are you going today?
  • Communication towards your partner is very important in your relation ship. If you are not communicating, your relationship overtime can fall apart.
  • Great! How are you?
  • Yay you came to see me here.
  • Loyalty is another really important attribution in a relationship. Loyalty shows your dedication towards one another.
  • Why wouldn't I of come, you're my best friend.