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Updated: 4/29/2020
project lmfao
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  • Bois Caïman | Aug 14th, 1791
  • La Tannerie, January 1793
  • National Assembly Abolishes Slavery | February 4th, 1794
  • "The National Convention declares that abolished in all the colonies." [1]
  • At Bois Caïman, slaves planned for the revolt through a secret Voodoo ceremony. This ceremony provided a way for all slaves from different plantations to unite and rise together, allowing for them to coordinate against a common enemy, resulting in a string of slave uprisings.
  • L'Ouverture Conquers San Domingo. Jan 3rd, 1801
  • The blacks, although united in their cause, needed a person to spearhead their efforts and train them to fight. That person was L'Ouverture, who proved his military might in the Battle of La Tannerie in 1793, despite losing.
  • Surrender of L'Ouverture. May 6th, 1802
  • After three representatives from Saint-Domingue arrived in France and made their speeches calling for the abolition of slavery, the National Assembly outlawed slavery, making France the first nation to do so. This was one of the reasons L'Ouverture defected to the French some time later.
  • Battle of Vertieres. Nov 18th, 1803
  • Since the Spanish refused to abolish slavery when the French did, L'Ouverture switched sides from the Spanish to the French, and he lead a force to the Spanish colony of San Domingo to free their slaves.
  • After much of his army defected, L'Ouverture surrendered to the French on May 6th, 1802. He was then shipped back to France where he died in prison. In his wake, his first office Jean-Jacques Dessalines became the leader of the island.
  • The Battle of Vertieres was the final battle of the Haitian Revolution, where Dessalines and his forces drove the remaining pieces of the crippled French army out. This battle marked the end of the Revolution and the beginning of a new era of Haitian Independence.
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