Parable of the unhappy man
Updated: 3/18/2020
Parable of the unhappy man

Storyboard Text

  • There was once an extremely rich man. He had everything he wanted, but he still wanted more. He was not at all happy, and he made everyone around him unhappy too.
  • There was another man that lived nearby. This man only had the clothes on his back, but he was loved by everyone, and he was truly happy
  • The rich man was so jealous of the poor man that he falsely accuse him of theft. The rich man payed everyone in the courtroom to send the poor man to jail.
  • Although the happy man was in prison, he knew that he had been wrongly accused. Of course he did not want to be in jail, but he knew that his friends would prove the unhappy man wrong and he would be free
  • The poor man was freed by his friends and the rich man was taken instead. However, the poor man knew that he would be equal to the rich man if he didn't stand up for him, so he decided to make friends with the rich man...
  • The rich man and the poor man became the best of friends. They made everyone in the community happy and their lives were changed because of each other.