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Updated: 2/21/2020
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  • The date was 1059 AD, the Turks had allready taken the Holy Land and now Emporer Alexios I of the Byzantine empire was worried about the Seljuk Turks taking their land.
  • Afraid, He sent a letter to Pope Urban II to gather reinforcements thus marked the begining of the First crusade.
  • The Turks have already attack many of my family and friends, made travel less safe and are taking over jerusalem not to mension that there are supposed to be 3 religions there. And it was almost 1095 A.D.
  • At the Time I Was But a Lowly Serf .Thst had worked his way to Bishop in the churtch. But that day Pope Urban of the Catholic church held a Council At Claremont
  • After the Council of Claremont i volentiered to fight for the holy land and was given armour
  • I shall fight For the Lord
  • Those who fight for our lord will be sent to heaven
  • The Prologue to the 1st crusade.
  • We Actualy Made it
  • Jerusalem1099 A.D
  • The Medevil TymesJerusalem Taken by The Popes CrusadersSeljuk Turks Astonished
  • Our crusader Sam (green tunic) is taking a stroll after becoming bishop. Distrought due to the turks pressance he goes to the Council of Claremount
  • At the time the victory over the turks mae everyone happy, But At the time I never realixzed that soon the turks would be back to take Jerusalem. At the Second crusade we would fall and try again with a 3rd crusde after a seljuk commander took it. I later perrished at the 3rd crusade.
  • At the Council of claremont where the pope delivers his message ,Sam joins and wears dark gray armour to march twoards jerusalem .
  • I cant belive we did it the holy land will be Free from seljuk Rule!+ we saved the byzantines
  • This scene shows the
  • This joke also shows how The people was greatly exited were exited by the event.
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