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To Kill a Mockingbird - Andrew Nguyen
Updated: 4/23/2020
To Kill a Mockingbird - Andrew Nguyen
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Storyboard Text

  • Tom Robinson Trial Beginning
  • Mayella testimony
  • *lies*
  • Atticus points out the holes in Mayella's story
  • *points out facts*
  • .Atticus and the Ewells are in a court to prove whether or not Tom Robison raped Mayella. The odds are stacked against Atticus and Tom Robinson as the juries are all white and extremly racist against colored people.
  • Tom Robinson's Testimony
  • Mayella tries to make the jury feel pity for her by appealing to their pathos and ethos as her story has no logos due to its falsehood.
  • Mr. Gilmer attack of Robinson
  • When Atticus presents the holes in the story, portraying logos, Mayella relies on her crying (pathos) in order to sway the already convinced judge even further despite the attempts from Atticus to show the truth to the court.
  • Atticus's speech to the court
  • Tom Robinson testifies his version of the events which is vastly different from Mayella's story and is clearly the true story which plays to the audiences' ethos. There is even a man who tries to help Tom Robinson but gets stopped by the furious judge.
  • Tom Robinson has done me no wrong
  • *true story*
  • The Ewell's lawyer, Mr. Gilmer, appeals to the court's ethos by repeatedly attacking him and making him accidently fess up that he feels soryy for Mayella.
  • When Scout and Dill come back, Atticus is giving a speech on why the court is based on the men's integrity and not just their bias.
  • *speech*
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