The Positive Aspects of The Crusades - Part 2
Updated: 3/12/2020
The Positive Aspects of The Crusades - Part 2

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  • In-fact, European's learnt very much from the Muslim armies.
  • Many other things such as types of literature and art was also taken from this time and impacted Europe's society to great lengths.
  • One such thing was the crafting of ships. They learnt from the Muslims how to shape their sails in order to Gain more speed with the wind.
  • Not all things however returned from the battlefield. Many Nobles and land owners left to fight for heir place is heaven and lost their lives to Muslim forces.
  • This opened up the opportunity for the Monarch to reclaim this private land. This would also reduce the unfair treatment of those who belonged to the Noble's land.
  • I hope you learnt something new with this explanation of one of History's most fateful occurrences. See you next time!
  • So, as we can see, these wars involved much more than a failed cause. It was not only the cause of progress and development for Europe, but also a source of clarity for Europe's Governing.