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The Interconnectedness of the Earth's Four Spheres
Updated: 5/6/2020
The Interconnectedness of the Earth's Four Spheres
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Made by Jio Ferrer

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  • In our planet, earth, there are four main interconnected spheres that make up our wonderful planet!
  • The four spheres are:Atmosphere,Geosphere,Hydrosphere,and Biosphere
  • Fun Fact:430 miles above the earth is an electrical layer, known for causing the northern lights!
  • The Atmosphere is the gaseous part that surrounds our earth!
  • These gases are mostly concentrated within a 10km radius around the earth, but it still extends high enough to the point where it reaches outer space!
  • A cool thing to know is that when water evaporates into the air, it turns into water vapour! Making it part water, and part gas, thus interconnecting the two spheres!
  • The Geosphere (or Lithosphere) consists of the earth's inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust.
  • That also includes all the naturally formed structures of land in the world, like mountains and valleys!
  • When a Volcano erupts in a populated area, the volcano heavily disrupts the area's biosphere, since the surrounding communities will be forced to flee onto a livable space of land. This connects the Geosphere and Biosphere!
  • Fun Fact: All the continents in the world used to be one giant land form called Pangaea!
  • River valleys have been carved out into the land due to the action of water. This happens through the process of weathering and erosion, and it takes millions of years! This also interconnects the Geosphere and the Hydrosphere
  • The hydrosphere makes up all the different states of water here on earth!
  • That means oceans, lakes, rivers, mountain glaciers, and even water vapour!
  • Fun Fact: Oceans take up 97.6% of all the water in the Hydrosphere!
  • Fun Fact: Scientists believe that biospheres have existed around 3.7 billion years ago!
  • The Biosphere consists of all the life on earth!
  • All humans, plants, animals, fungi, insects - even organic matter that's decaying is part of God's wonderful Biosphere!
  • We humans require a portion of each of the spheres to survive! We need water and oxygen (Hydro & Atmo spheres) to continue our life, and a large, sustainable area of land (Geosphere) to grow as a species! Biosphere interconnects with all!
  • Phew! That was a lot of information to go through!
  • I hope you learned something scientific, about earth's four spheres, cause I sure did!
  • This comic was a blast to make, so hey, thanks for reading!
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