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2nd Part Timeline Project The Odyssey
Updated: 9/13/2020
2nd Part Timeline Project The Odyssey
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  • Odysseus Tricks Polyphemus
  • My name is Nobody!
  • Odysseus on Circe's Island
  • Swear the binding oath!
  • OK! I'll do whatever you ask!
  • Hey Odysseus! You wanna try some of my roasted beef?
  • The Crew mates Eat Helios' Cattle
  • When Polyphemus is drunk, Odysseus tells him that his name is Nobody before he stabs Polyphemus in the eye. "Nobody-that's my name. Nobody-so my mother and father call me, all my friends." Pg.223
  • Penelope's Bow Contest
  • This is too easy...
  • With the help of Hermes, Odysseus threatens Circe so that he could get his crew out of being pigs. "Not until you consent to swear, goddess, a binding oath you'll never plot some new intrigue to harm me!" Pg.241
  • Odysseus' Reunion with Penelope
  • You're telling me to move this bed?! I made this myself!
  • You ARE my Odysseus!!!
  • Is that Athena, the goddess of wisdom?!
  • Odysseus' crew mates ignore his warning of eating Helios' Cattle, angering the Sun God from above. "Father Zeus! The rest of you blissful gods who never die, you with your fatal sheep, you lulled me into disaster." Pg. 282
  • Athena Shows Her True Identity
  • Always has been...
  • Once everyone took a try at stringing the bow, Odysseus strings the bow easily and shot through 12 axes revealing his true identity. "He let fly- and never missing an axe from the first ax-handle clean on through the last..." Pg 483
  • Odysseus proves himself to Penelope by letting her know that he made the bed himself and is immovable. "Not a man on earth, not even at peak strength, would find it easy to prise up and shift it; I built it myself..." Pg 461
  • Before the families of the suitors lay siege to Odysseus' family, Athena shows her true goddess form, proceeding to wipe the memory of their losses. "Terror blanched their faces, they went limp with fear, weapons slipped from their hands and strewed the ground at the goddess' ringing voice." Pg 485
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