Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

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  • My name is Diana. I live in Paradise island, a country of pure women. The people on the island are always beautiful, immortal, intelligent and powerful. We're female soldiers. My father is Zeus. My mother is Hippolyta.
  •     When Diana understood her responsibility, so,every night, Diana would secretly find general Antiop in the night and train with her in secret. But, one day, her mom discovered this thing. So, she want to against. But Antip told her: ''Ares not dead. When he knows, he will come here. Diana have to study how to protect herself.'' So,  Hippolyta agree with Antip train Diana.
  • Long time ago, Zeus was the head of the gods. He....
  • Hippolyta told the story to Diana. Let Diana know what happened between Zeus and Ares . Let Diana know her responsibility. Zeus created the God Killer to deal with Ares. When the story ends, Diana asked her mother to take her to see the God Killer.
  •     Years went by, and Diana grew up. This day, Diana was competing with the general and her friends. In the end, Diana won test. But she hurt the general . Diana blamed herself. So she ran to the beach alone and wanted to be quiet.
  •     When she got to the beach, she saw a plane fall. Then, she saw someone at the sea. And then she decided to save him.
  • The islanders seized the man. Through the interrogation, the islanders knew the man's name and identity, and the war. His name is Steve. It made Diana understood something. She knew the world was dangerous. So she want to save the world and kill Ares. But her mother against this idea. Then, Diana went to find Steve. Steve told Diana something about the war. So she decided to save the world and kill Ares. So she went to stole the God Killer. Then she followed Steve and went to the war.
  •     What is this? Is there anyone in there? I want to save him. 
  •  I know I can't stop you. This is general Antiop's badge. Give you. You have to become our honor.
  •     Diana save a man. But she never seen a man before. So she very curious. And then, a lot of people came to the island. They had weapons and guns. And then, they started to fight with islander. In the end, the general sacrificed to save Diana. Diana very sad.
  • Diana and Steve want to sneak out. But her mother was waiting for them by the sea. Her mother gave Antiop's badge to Diana and told Diana let she have to become their honor. And told Diana have protect herself. And then they left the island.
  • Two bad guys were using chemistry to make weapons that hurt the world. They were ready to use this one to the war. And they created a drug to increase their strength.
  • Steve arrived at the British intelligence agency, where officials were hyping walked into the meeting room and found his boss. The two waited the meeting was over, and Steve handed the notes to his boss. The notes were written in two languages. Diana knew that two languages. And with her help, they knew what the enemy want to do. But they didn't want to stop it .And Steve agreed this idea. So Diana very angry. And then Steve promised he will stop it.
  • Diana and Steve arrived in England. Diana was a stranger to everything in the city, and she was out of step with the place. So  Steve took Diana to dress up. And then they met the German eyeliners. They want Steve hand over the notes. But he won't. SO they started to fight.  Steve was surprised to find that bullet had not hurt Diana. With Diana's help, the men quickly solved the probleem.
  • They came to the battlefield. They saw many wounded soldiers, homeless women and children, and animals that have been abused. She wants to stop and help them. But Steve told her that have to find factory and blow it up. They didn't have time to delay here. Diana can't stand to see it. So she put on her robe and went to the battlefield.
  • Diana's  growth
  • Diana rode fast to the village. When she reached the village, she discovered that the people had been killed. She was very sad and angry. Diana thought that Rudolph was Ares. So she was going to kill Ares.
  • On the battlefield, Diana with a shield and God killer. She passed through the bullets, and opened a path for the soldiers behind her. Under her leadership, the German occupation of the place returned to the British army. Finally, Diana looked at the people who had come back to their home. She was very happy. Steve got the news that Rudolph would have a ball. Steve dressed up himself as a German officer. Diana stole a lady's dress and slipped into the ball.
  • Rudolph was was commanding the soldiers to carry gas bombs on the tower. He was unexpected to see Diana. Then she took out her God Killer. Rudolph was not Diana's opponent, so he lost. Then he ate the gas and hit back at Diana. But in the end Diana killed him. 
  • At the ball, Steve found Dr.Pill alone and wanted to know where the gas bomb. But Diana appeared. Dr.Pill turned him down. Diana walked to Rudolph, and the beautiful Diana lets Rudolph dance with her. When Diana wanted to kill him, someone came and interrupted her. So Diana missed the chance. Rudolph put a gas bomb into the nearby village.
  • Inspiration and departure
  • Diana thought it was over. But she discovered this one didn't stop. But she killed Ares and why the war didn't stop? She couldn't believe it. Then Steve found Diana and asked Diana to go with him to destroy the gas bombs. But at this time Diana couldn't believe anyone. But they didn't have time. And Diana not agree. So Steve went alone.
  • Steve and his friends went to destroy the gas bomb. He was a very brave and great man.
  • Sir Morgan? NO,  you are the real Ares.
  • The noise behind them caught Diana's attention. She turned and saw Sir Morgan standing in the house. Then Diana understood, that Sir Morgan was the real Ares. So she started fight with Ares.
  • Diana took out the God killer and went to Ares, but it was crushed under the power of Ares. Ares told Diana that this wasn't the real God Killer. The real God Killer is Diana. Because only god can Kill god. Diana was the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyte. But Diana doesn't believe in Ares. She just wants to kill Ares. But Ares was very strong. Diana was not match for Ares.
  • Start a new journey
  • Diana was trapped by Ares. So she could only watch Steve explode in the sky. Then sad Diana had gread power. Then she went to kill a lot of German soldiers. Ares looked the crazy Diana and he was very happy. He went to lie to Diana.Let her destroy the world with him. The Ares sent Dr.Pill to Diana. And he told Diana to kill the woman. The angry Diana want to used the plane and kill the woman. Then Diana looked ar her eyes. And she remenbered what Steve had said to her before:''Diana, I'm going to save the day, you save the world. I love you.''
  • At the end of the world there had a glimmer of hope. Looking at the peaceful world. Diana has a happy smile. The war is over. And the streets are celebrating the victory. Diana looked at a picture of Steve on the wall. Diana was crying.
  • Love gave Diana endless strength and good heart. Finally, Diana woke up. She going to fight Ares. The powerful Diana was no longer afraid, She took the fight back to Ares. And gave Ares a big blow. Finally, Ares died.
  • Challenge
  • Dark moment
  • War and peace
  • From then on, Diana stays in the world forever. And she remembered Sreve forever. And she continued to fulfill her mission. And use love to change the world.
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