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Really cool story
Updated: 2/18/2019
Really cool story
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  • Farm, Night
  • No!
  • Lion infested forest, Night
  • Tasty
  • Desert, Day
  • Your whole family probably have not survived.
  • "He heard them laughing. As Salva watched, one of the men aimed at his at Uncle. Three shots rang out. Then the men ran away." pg 63
  • "A lion had been hungry enough as the group left enough to approach the group as they slept. A few men had been kepping watch, but in the dark night, with the wind rippling through the long grass, the lion could have easily crept close without being seen. It had sought out prey that was small and motionless: Marial sleeping. And it had taken him away, leaving only a few splotches of blood near the path" pg 40
  • ""Your family... Uncle paused and looked away. When he looked back again, his face was solemn. Salva, few people survived the attack on the village. Anyone still live would have fled into the bush and no one knows where they are now." pog 59, 60
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