Unit 10 Assessment
Updated: 2/25/2021
Unit 10 Assessment

Storyboard Text

  • How Horney Sees Me
  • I am just going to the bathroom
  • Why do you have to leave
  • How Adler Sees Me
  • I cant loose
  • How Freud Sees Me
  • I stole your French Fries
  • Karen Horney was a proponent of the theory that childhood anxiety was caused by our desire for love and security. If our parent leaves us it takes away our security
  • How Jung Sees Me
  • Good Night Honey
  • Alfed Adler believed that the order in which we are born affects our personality. As we try to gain superiority over our siblings, our birth order dictates how we compensate
  • How Rogers Sees Me
  • Sigmund Freud believed that there is an unconscious psychic energy that strives to satisfy the bodies basic needs. He believes it operates on the pleasure principle where a demand is made and instant gratification happens
  • How Bandura Sees Me
  • I got this the world is all great today
  • Carl Jung believed that across all cultures we have common archetypes. This is because of the thinking that we have a reservoir of common images due to our experiences
  • Good Night Mom
  • Carl Rogers believed that all humans are basically good unless effected. At our core we are born to love but as we encounter our environment we learn the negative attributes in response to these events
  • I hate dogs
  • Bandura has a belief in our self concept. This was based on how we view ourselves. The better we view ourselves can increase how we view the environment around us.