Peppered moths
Updated: 6/23/2020
Peppered moths
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  • There were once lots of creamy trees in England. They provided great camouflage for white peppered moths, though proving the opposite for black peppered moths
  • This means that the black peppered moths are easy prey so they got killed very often. This meant that the population of the black moths decreased mkaing it hard for them to reproduce.
  • White peppered moths population increased as they carried on reproducing. The genes of the parents made it more common for the babies to be white. There wasnt much variation for them to reproduce black moths.
  • Their population began to grow until the industrial revolution came and changed their lives. The new machines that the humans used released black soot which turned the pale trees dark. This meant that the black peppered moths had a place to survive more easily. The white moths had no where.
  • Now it was time for the white moths to try and survive the hungry predators that hunted them
  • The black peppered moths population began to rise and they reproduced more black moths of their own
  • The name of the way the way of a peppered moths life adapted is called natural selection
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