Updated: 3/28/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I finally feel like myself in this outfit! I hope my parents can support the way I choose to express myself... I'm sure they will
  • JEFFREY! Where do you think you're going in that outfit?! We can't have people seeing our son in a dress
  • My little boy is so confused.
  • You are a young man. Go buy yourself some REAL clothes.
  • You look great! Here at Olderbrother we know that clothing and gender are separate. Your outfit looks great on you and shouldn't define you or create assumptions of your character.
  • I felt confident in this outfit...
  • I'm so embarrassed. I hope nobody makes fun of me at the store. This was a stupid idea
  • Hey! I love your outfit! Do you need help finding anything?
  • You don't think I look stupid? My dad told me I need to start dressing like a man.
  • Wow! I've never felt accepted like this before. Thank you for promoting a safe atmosphere. I am so comfortable being myself here.