Comic strip part 2
Updated: 1/14/2021
Comic strip part 2

Storyboard Text

  • The second crusade was a complete failure. Most of the European ships sunk, due to disorganization.
  • Second Crusade
  • We will take back our land!!
  • Saladin reoccupied Jerusalem. The Christians weren't too happy about this.
  • Yes
  • I’m Saladin! I am the leader of Egypt, and I'm taking back all the land!
  • WARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Saladin!!
  • Give it back!!
  • In response, the Kings banded together to recapture the Holy Land, and defeat Saladin. They were only able to capture a few cities. King Richard made a truce with Saladin so the Christians could visit Jerusalem safely.
  • OK. Deal
  • One day we will take it back!
  • WE control the land, but you may safely visit.
  • No our land!
  • Zara
  • Zara originally asked the Christinas for defence against the Muslims.
  • Attack
  • Knights came to Zara asking the Doge to supply their transport, they couldn't pay the Doge back so they attacked Zara.
  • Many Crusades over the next 100 years, but none were succesful.
  • Accept it is our land and stop trying!!!!!
  • The Europeans gained a lot of knowledge from the Muslims. The Muslims taught them about math, medicine, gunpowder, astronomy, and archeticture.
  • Trade increased between Europe and Asia because they learned about new items from the east. For example:-exotic fruits-silks-cotton-spices