Updated: 9/13/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome Haru. My new Samurai to serve me.
  • My Daimyo, he is ever so loyal, noble, i need to go inside now and practise my skills, of reading, writing, ceremonial conduct, archery, horse riding, and fighting!
  • Oh Daimyo Letsuna, i am honoured to become your Samurai. I pledge to never retire, or take a day off, i will work forever i am devoted for my whole life to serve you. Thank you for this role
  • I am so very proud of you. Here is your land and money. Congratulations! You have defeated the Mongols.
  • Thank you Daimyo Letsuna. Thank you.
  • The Bushido Code. Loyalty, Duty, Courage, and honour. This is all part of the Bushido Code. Part of a Samurai i follow this code, and so far i have. And i will keep following the Bushido Code. Tomorrow i will do Zen Buddhism.
  • 'Ommmmmmmmmm. Thank you God. Thank you Daimyo for my riches and good life'. Zen Buddhism releases my stress and anxiety, as well as makes me calm and happy.