the maze runner

Updated: 10/19/2020
the maze runner

Storyboard Description

one day a teen boy named thomas, had ended up in a unknown place called 'the maze'. He met the others, but he quickly reazlized that they were all men kids to teens. Thomas meets the leader, the first to arrive, Alby. as he tried to run of and escape, he ended up meeting the walls, so called the maze. Knowing that he got in trouble for causing destruction, he meet Newt and Minho, known to be Maze Runners trying for one to solve and escape the maze.

Storyboard Text

  • outside in a big field, surrounded by a gigantic grey wall.
  • Our main character, Thomas, finds himself trapped in field and wakes to only guys surrounding him.
  • Thomas tries to run of to find a way to escape but only finds the massive border soon to be called The Maze
  • Get back here!!!
  • soon Thomas is fairly introduced to the leader, Alby and the head runner Minho after the destruction he made.
  • but whats behind that wall, Minho?
  • later that evening Thomas is introduce to Gally, one of the main runners of The Maze. And is said not allowed to go to the area
  • soon after Thomas is followed by the other and finally meets everyone but is punished for trying to leave, even though no one can.