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myth: The Story of Mt. Zion
Updated: 10/16/2020
myth: The Story of Mt. Zion
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  • In a small town called New Orleanic, there lived a 20 year old. He was greedy, rude and selfish, his name is Zion. Zion is the son of the God Lateef and Zion is the God of Power.
  • The Story of Mt. Zion
  • Deliverer Lonzo goes to tell Zion about what the board has decided but he has different ideas.
  • Curse you and your board of clowns. I think I would be better without you and your group of useless on that terrible board. I challenge your king to a battle to see who will prevail.
  • Hello SIr Zion, it is Lonzo, I just wanted to come tell you that we are thinking about getting a new member for the board
  • Lonzo runs his heart out to tell the king what Zion had said.
  • King Pelicano, I come here with terrible news. God Zion has called out our group and has made multiple insults like calling our group a bunch of clowns. He has also challenged you to a battle to see you the strongest is.
  • That is absolutely terrible, he has the wits to step up to our group and tell us that! I am going to teach him a lesson!
  • King Pelicano shows up to God Zion's house to challenge what he said about him and his group of board members.
  • Hello Zion, I am here and I am ready to battle you. THE INSULTS END NOW!
  • I see you showed up for my duel, now we can see who really is the most pwerful in the land.
  • King Pelicano out fights Zion leaving him weak and helpless. King Pelicano has brought him to the mountain in New Orleanic to lock him up.
  • In the King's words, " You shall live here with no food or water for 1,000 years." " We shall call it Mt. Zion"
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