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Origin of the Seasons
Updated: 9/20/2019
Origin of the Seasons
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  • 4 girls came by me to collect water and i told them a story with such stature, that they told me something in return. It was that their mother Metaneira, was trying to find nurse for their new-born baby brother Demophoon.
  • I'd love to nurse your brother 
  • Im impressed. You can nurse my child because your perfect for the job.
  • Metaneira saw the baby's rapid growth rate due to my magic and bcame suspicious.
  • She began to investigate, but in the end realized my magic.
  • *inaudibly screams*
  • Fool that you are. I would have made your son immortal but that is now imposible. He shall be a great hero, but he will have to die. I, the goddess Demeter promise it.
  • With that said, i stormed out leaving Demophoon on the ground and Metaneira too stunned to even pick him up. I figured that if had to suffer so should everyone else. Nothing would grow or flourish. The offerings of the gods were neglected by despairing men who could no longer spare anything from their dwindling stores. But zues sent Iris, the rainbow to persuade me into sparing mankind. She found me swiftly found me sitting in my temple mourning. And even though Iris urged me with messages of Zues and offered beautiful gifts or whatever powers among the gods i chose, i would not even listen. I only wanted my daughter and then i would continue to let the earth flourish. A that Zues agrred to tell Hades that he should return my daughter.
  • Have this pomegranite for your troubles.
  • I have come to retrieve Persephone.
  • I will only eat 7 seeds out of the 12.
  • It is misfortunate but since my daughter ate 7 of the 12 seeds she will be with Hades for 7 months of the year and the remaining 5 will be with me. When she is gone the crops fall off trees and the earth grows cold and dea. But when she is back it is warm and the right time for crops to grow. This is why we have seasons.
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