Narrative Story Board Project
Updated: 3/27/2021
Narrative Story Board Project

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • Girlllll, I just saw your man at the beach today, with another girl!!!!
  • Why did he lie to me?!!
  • Before the news!!
  • Babe, I need to get going because my friends are here! I will call you later, ok? 
  • okay babe, take care! I will be with my friends too! ILY <3
  • Typically he lie to you!! But what's the reason?? What if he's cheating on you???!! OMG!
  • Yeah! good idea, but still let's not overreact about something we haven't found out yet!
  • i- I don't know! My plan is just to go to the beach to see if they still there!!
  • What if she's right? What if he's really cheating on me??!!
  • ...
  • .
  • i-
  • How dare you to cheat on me!!!
  • THE END!
  • oof! It was just a dream!!!