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Updated: 9/3/2018
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  • The Ordinary World (Call to Adventure)
  • Refusal (Call to Adventure)
  • You have not sent me, I don't know you...
  • The Call to Change (Call to Adventure)
  • Move this lake back
  • *tries but fails* I can't!
  • “From the very beginning, Coyote was traveling around all over the earth. He did many wonderful things when he wentAlong” (Lopez 1). This is the ordinary life of the Coyote, where he is doing is normal daily doings.
  • Change (Supreme Order or Initiation)
  • “No,” Coyote said, “you never sent me. I don’t know you (Lopez 1). The Coyote refuses to accept that the chief sent him without proof.
  • Return (Road Back or Hero’s Return)
  • Coyote tried, but he could not do it. He thought this was strange. He tried again, but he could not do it (Lopez 1). Chief moved the lake back (Lopez 1). The Coyote realizes that he is not stronger than the Chief, and that the man was truly was the chief.
  • foreshadowing future return
  • Coyote takes the suggestion of an old man which is to go back to the place where the old man prepared for him. Since he acknowledges that the old man is Chief of the earth (Lopez 1).
  • Go to the place I have prepared for you my coyote
  • “Then Coyote disappeared. Now no one knows where he is anymore”(Lopez 1). “Coyote and myself, we will not be seen again until Earthwoman is very old”(Lopez 1). This coyote and chief will not come back unless there are certain circumstances that occur.
  • The story mention that “Coyote and myself, we will not be seen again until Earthwoman is very old. Then we shall return to earth” (Lopez 1). Coyote didn’t return. However, he will come back again when the mother of earth need him.
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