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Updated: 9/21/2018
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  • While the people are celebrating and having fun, Grendel is making plans of destroying it.
  • I must destroy their happiness! I want their misery to match mine!
  • Grendel attacks the people, and keeps on doing it, for 12 more winters..... 
  • Oh no, who's going to save me and my people from this monster?!
  • Oh no, and he's running away!
  • I, the great Beowulf defeated the Man of All Evil, Grendel!
  • Until an epic hero comes along....and his Beowulf.
  • Oh no! My arm! My arm! *cries in pain and misery*
  • Although Grendel wasn't everybody's cup of tea, he was his mother's. Grendel's momma wanted revenge for her son's death.
  • And so, her and Beowulf battled for their lives. She almost had him, but a magical sword saved Beowulf's life and slaughtered The Momma.
  • I defeat the Evil once again!
  • Beowulf believes that he can defeat the dragon with just his shield and himself.
  • But sadly, that was not the case. And Beowulf loses the battle with The Dragon.
  • The brave Geats laid their King in his own tower, as requested by King Beowulf.
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