If you Give a Human a Lion
Updated: 3/23/2020
If you Give a Human a Lion

Storyboard Text

  • I wanted a green lion!
  • You should get to know him before you make assumptions that you do not like him.
  • I agree with your father.
  • Go get it! You know, turns out you aren't that bad after all!
  • Yes, I had more fun playing with him than I had in 3 years combined!
  • That is either really good, or really bad!
  • Did you have a good time playing with Simba?
  • I am trying my best. Maybe if you did not run so fast, you would not be screaming at me.
  • Come on, run faster! I am just kidding. Haha, I'm really liking you now.
  • Did I ever tell you that I love to take care of you?
  • We see you like Simba now. We told you!