Updated: 1/28/2021

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  • papa done went up to the school and told Coach Zellman i can't play football no more.
  • Pg.59
  • That boy lied to me. I told the nigger if he wanted to play football .. to keep up his chores
  • Pg.68
  • You telling me you gonna be somebody's daddy? You telling your wife this?
  • I'm trying to find a way to tell you... I'm gonna be a daddy. I'm gonna be somebody's daddy
  • Pg.73
  • Don't you tell that lie on me!
  • Troy. your hurting me.
  • Cory had one chance to do football like he wated but troy took that away from him. Cory did everything he was supposed to but he couldn't work during football season. Troy couldn't play and now he doesn't want cory to play.
  • Troy told Rose that he his going to be a father to another women. Rose is heartbroken becasue he cheated on her. Troy tries to explain himself to rose but she doesn't want to hear it and he can't say anything to make it better.
  • Rose is talking to troy and telling him that she was right there but he had to go and sleep with another women. She settled with him but she couldn't ever bloom into something with him. Troy is mad because she says that he doesn't give her anything and troy thinks he does but he wasn't if he was sleeping wih another women.