summary of the Manzanar
Updated: 5/9/2020
summary of the Manzanar

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  • A man from the cannery comes out to tell the ladies that the Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor
  • Papa, and two brothers, Bill and Woody went for a fishing trip.
  • Mama from the port saw that they were coming back, she was scared and scared.
  • Papa went to his house to burned a lot of papers, documents, anything that might suggest he still had some connection with Japan.
  • Papa is not a citizen, and he has a fishing license he is seen as a potential spy and those are type of people are looking for.
  • Jeanne's friend Leonardo exposes the teacher's plans and Jeanne wins.
  • FBI was picking up all such men for fear they were somehow making contact with enemy ships off the coast.
  • in spring, Jeanne was nominated as the carnival queen.
  • No one know why papa was being arrested. the world came that he had been taken into custody and shipped out.
  • In Santa Monica paper, saying he had arrested for delivering oil to Japanese submarines offshore
  • She realizes that she never will be part of the white girls'
  • The Wakatsuki family had been going from camp to camp for along time.
  • Then the government wanted to close the camps because there were Americans citizens so they burned them.
  • After the government burned all the camps they began to do schools for all the ages.
  • Papa was angry with Jeanne because she was using of sexuality to attract the white boys.
  • Jeanne wears a conservative dress to the coronation ceremony, and she receives compliments she hears people talking about her as she walks by.
  • The day of the elections she dressed in a sarong with a hibiscus flower in her hair. By the appalls they know that Jeanne will win, but the teachers determined to not allow it.
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