Food Security

Updated: 3/6/2021
Food Security

Storyboard Description

Andy keeps seeing the ad "support local farmers". Why is this so?

Storyboard Text

  • What? local farmers? What does that have to do with me?
  • Morning already?
  • Support Your Local Farmers
  • Well I guess it's time for me to go and enjoy my Saturday.
  • Mi have homework but that can wait.
  • Support Your Local Farmers
  • Everywhere mi turn a di same foolishness
  • Wahm Andy?come go mall wid mi nuh
  • I think it's best that I leave home. I can't even relax without that stupid ad popping up
  • Taxi oii!!!
  • No girl, ofcourse it's relevant. The government is encouraging citizens to support local farmers more and stop relying on the foreign countries.
  • Let's get something to eat and I'll tell you more.
  • Support your
  • Support Local Farmers
  • local farmers!!!
  • I'm tired of seeing these ads now. They are so irrelevant.
  • Elevator
  • Yeah, fi real!!!
  • Did you know that a lot of the countries food produce comes from imports? It's bad for the economy and it affects the local farmers negatively.
  • Support your local farmers
  • Burger King!!!
  • Fi real??
  • You understand that it's important now?
  • They are taking measures to safeguard farmers' incomes. They want to encourage food security and reduce dependence on imported food.
  • Support your local farmers
  • Burger King!!!
  • Yeah, mi think a did foolishness.