Updated: 5/18/2020

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  • Where is he? I'm so worried
  • Hello there? If you don't mind me asking who are you?
  • I'm sorry but your father... he passed away.
  • I need to get out of here. I'm done letting other people take care of me!
  • Once upon their was a simple girl who lived a fair life with a smile on her face but sadly this didn't last.
  • Hey watch it you pervert.
  • Ella waited and waited for her father to return from his job until bad news fell upon the city. With this news she was devastaed what would happen to her and the family her father left behind.
  • Yes just like that
  • Months passed after her fathers death. She was forced into a world of darkness and poverty with her step mother and sisters. Ella was teased and made fun of by her horrible sisters and she was given a nickname Cinderella.
  • Will you marry me!
  • Ella had enough so she left the house in search of her new life. She took the the faulty nickname given and made a new life for herself. Cinderlla struggled in the real world untill she bumed into someone special.
  • After that day Cinderella and the man named Killua spent more time and acutally got to know each other, and so at one point they started to date. Everything looked good for Cinderella she had a great job as a modle, steady apartment, and a healthy relationship.
  • With 2 years passing by Cinderella lived her life in freedom of her family, with a handsome boyfriend, and a well paying job. Throughout the years Cinderella waited for her dear boyfriend to ask her to marry her but he never did and so she took the matter into her own hands. Ar the end they ened out doing alright.