Psych Project
Updated: 2/23/2021
Psych Project

Storyboard Text

  • How Frued sees me
  • I want ice cream
  • I'll have a small bowl
  • I'm on a diet
  • How Adler sees me
  • I brought extra snacks for you guys
  • We can share the snacks
  • I want all the snacks
  • How Jung sees me
  • Frued believes that people have an internal concept of the Id, ego, and superego. The Id consists of urges and desires. The ego is the reality principle, and the superego is moral principle.
  • How Horney sees me
  • Why don't you come outside
  • Adler believes in the birth order theory. This idea states that the order in which a child was born impacts their personality.
  • How Bandura sees me
  • Carl Jung believes in the idea of collective unconscious. This is a common bank of images and symbols shared by all cultures.
  • How Rogers sees me
  • i
  • Horney believes that our personalities are built on how we fight rejection. Compliance is moving toward people, aggression is moving against people, and withdrawal is moving away from people.
  • Bandura believes in exploring oneself. Individualism is when one prioritizes their own goals.
  • I am going to make the team!
  • Rogers believes in the concept of one's ideal self. This is the self someone aspires to be.