english project (imaginary writing)
Updated: 7/22/2020
english project (imaginary writing)
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  • I opened one eye and looked out of the window it was still dark I decided to check my clock and when I turned around I saw my snow globe glowing as bright as a new pin. I decided to hold it
  • Huh?...What's that?
  • It teleported me to what seemed to be a rather peculiar looking forest,there were the most bizzare plants i had ever seen.The wind whistled in my ears as i observed my new environment,i heard a slight swish behind me and then i saw it....
  • WHERE AM I?!
  • The creature told me that I was in the land of 'Misterio' and every new person had to see the king.I wasnt clearly paying attention as i was amazed by the fact that it didnt need to open its mouth to talk so I agreed.
  • Sure
  • The king was a tender-hearted man and insisted that i stay for the feast and stay the night therefore i thanked him
  • You must stay for the feast
  • thank you
  • As i was examining the castle I looked out the window and saw a ginormous red ball and asked a nearby guard what it was he explained that the devices radius is used to kill them martians.I was horrified and decided to help these poor creatures.
  • We have tried to get rid of it but no one cant even get close to it
  • I jumped out the castle window towards the red ball and as i climbed next to it i saw a simple jigsaw puzzle a thousand times easier than the ones i usually solved.as soon as i solved it the glow vanished and i new i had done it.thousands of martians came running towards me and congratulated me.I then got teleported back. I closed my eyes as i was overtaking by pride.
  • AHA!
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