The Inflation of a Basketball
Updated: 5/26/2021
The Inflation of a Basketball

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Sarah, we need to fill the ball up with air, it's deflated.
  • Ye I agree John.
  • Heres the air pump. We have to make sure the basketball doesn't pop.
  • How does that happen?
  • The ball pops when there is too much pressure. When more molecules are added into the ball, more molecules will hit the container at any one instant, which results in higher pressure.
  • Wowwwww.
  • John and Sarah were playing basketball until they realized the basketball was deflated.
  • Gas particles are in constant motion, and according to Boyle's Law, when the volume of the space between gas decreases, pressure increases, and it could increase to the point of the basketball popping.
  • Sure hope that doesn't happen.
  • John gets an air pump, and warns Sarah about what could happen to the basketball.
  • Okay, lets do it now.
  • Yes, I want to play basketball.
  • John explains to Sarah the science behind the basketball popping.
  • Yayyyyyyy!!!
  • John explains more about the science behind the basketball popping.
  • John now uses air pump and pumps the basketball up with air.
  • They safely avoided the basketball from popping and were able to ply basketball again.