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Updated: 4/27/2020
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  • Why did shoes just fall on me?
  • These shoes just randomly fell on my head so im going to take it to my house
  • Why are you running?
  • Final decission,you eith go to JAIL,or Camp Green Lake
  • Camp Green Lake!!!
  • Shoes fell on Stanley's head,Stanley remembered his dad is working on an invention on how to recycle shoes so he ran to take it to his dad.
  • Those were Clyde Livingston's shoes,he was going to donate money to the homless people.But instead they actually fell on Stanley's head and stanley started running home.The police officer saw him running and asked why was he running.Then he saw the shoes.
  • I'm not thrilled to be sleeping in the same cot that has been used by someone called Barf bag.
  • You are going to sleep here,in Barf Bag's cot.
  • The Police officer took him to court,where the judge has decided his situation was very cruel and did not believe that the shoes fell from the sky.But Stanley can take his own decission,whether he could go to jail,or Camp green Lake where it really shows him a lesson.So Stanley and his Parents have decided to let him go to Camp Green Lake Stanley and his parents knew this was all because of his cursed great grabdfather.
  • I found a small gold tube with a heart on it,that have the initials of KB.
  • Stanley is on his way to Camp Green lake,with no water or food,the bus was as hot as the actual sun.
  • Mr Pendanski is Stanley's tent counsler.When stanley arrives,Mr Pendanski says that they build charecters by digging holes so he encourages Stanley,then he introduces him to Squid and X-Ray.He tells Stanley to sleep here,In Barf bag's cot (Lewis).
  • After digging his second hole,Stanley found a Fossil fuel and showed it to Mr.Pendanski excited hoping he would get the day off,but Mr Pendasnski response was that the Warden isn't intrested in fossis.The X-ray told him that if he finds anything he should give it to him because he's been here longer.Then after a few days Stanley found a Gold tube and gave it to X-ray,then he will use it the next day.
  • I deserve the day off more than you,Ive been here longer!
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