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Holes Part (2)
Updated: 4/27/2020
Holes Part (2)
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  • DIG!Your giving them way too much water.
  • What? someone has dug my hole!
  • After X-Ray found the gold tube,the Warden assigned them to dig around the hole where X-Ray 'found' the gold tube.But then they couldn't find anything so the Warden has started to get impatient.But then when the Warden wasn't there,they found some sunflower seeds,and shared it to one another.But the sack fell inside Stanley's hole.So Mr Sir had found the seeds and took Stanley to the Warden.
  • The Warden has become cross with Mr.Sir as she doesn't care about his seeds,so she put some nailpolish across his face,Poisonous nail pollish.Made with some rattlesnake.But then Stanley came back to his hole,and found out Zero has dug his hole for him,Back in the tent Stanley waited for all the boys to leave so that he can thank Zero.When Stanley asks why he helped,Zero had said because he wasn't the one who stole the sunflower seeds.So after this they made a deal,where Stanley would teachy Zero how to read and Zero would dig some of Stanley's hole everyday.
  • The first Stan;ey Yelnats(Stanley's great grandfather)was rich,but he lost all his money when he was stagecoachHe was robbed by a famous outlaw called Kissin'Kate Barlow.Kissin' Kate Barlow didn't actually kiss Stanley's great grandfather,she only kissed the poeple sje was planning to kill.She left him in the dessert to die.
  • At breakfast,Mr sir yells at a boy who asked what happened to his face,which is swollen from the rattlesnake venom.When Mr. Sir delievers water to the boys,he doesnt give Stanley not even a drop.
  • Before 110 years,Camp Green lake was a actual lake,and the town teacher was called Kate Barlow.And also had a doctor called Dr.Hawthorn,and there was a onion ma called Sam,both helped the town when they get sick.One day Mrs.Kate keeps getting out for him things ti fix so she goes and spends time with him.After he left,Kate was crying because she misses him.She went to meet him,then they fell in love.
  • Next morning after they kissed,Trout Walker comes to the schoolhouse,say bad things to Kate,destroy the place.Kate goes to the Sheriff to tell him what has happened,He tells her he is planning to hang Sam,but if Kate kisses him,he will let sam run out of town.So Kate goes and tells Sam everything..Then they went on Sam's boat onto the river ,but Trout goes behind them,Sam is shot and killed.Kate shots the sherif ,put lipstick on,then kisses him.
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