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The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street Theme
Updated: 11/3/2019
The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street Theme
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  • "Maybe you better tell us. Nothing's working on this street. Nothing. No lights,no power,no radio. Nothing except one car--yours!"
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  • Don't let fear control your thinking.
  • Charlie tells Steve to watch out who he's talking to and says out loud, " you ain't exactly above suspicion yourself." , all because he's scared and doesn't know who to trust.
  • When Charlie killed Pete Van Horn, the lights in his house turned on, and everyone starts to suspect and attack him. Then he finally says and/or accuses Tommy is the monster because he's the one who told the story.
  • It's Tommy!
  • One major theme of "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" by Red Sterling is don't let fear control your thinking. I think this is one of the major themes because in the story, everyone is scared after all the lights suddenly go out and nothing on the street seems to be working. When, something starts to work, they immediately begin to suspect that person. For example, Les Goodman was trying to get his car started. When he couldn't he walked towards the group, and he's car turned on. Everyone started asking questions, and felt he was suspicious because he never shows up for things and that apparently makes him suspicious. Another example is when Charlie sees Steve talking with Les, and announces out loud that Steve is suspicious too. Steve could be the monster, but he's suspicious because he was talking with Les? I think he said that because he's scared and he doesn't know who to trust. The last example I have is when Charlie fires a shot at the unknown figure and finds out he had just killed Pete Van Horn. After he killed him, the lights in his house suddenly turned on. Charlie was one of the people who kept suspecting others and jumped to conclusions. Now that everyone could see the light in his house, they all started attacking him until Charlie said he knew who the monster was. He said it was Tommy! He said it was Tommy because he was the one who said the story, he was the one who made everyone scared. When everyone started to suspect Charlie, I thought it was karma. Maybe that leads to another theme. 
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