Updated: 9/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Yasmin R Group 2 Period 2
  • Clothing Rack Incident
  • I was just walking through the store, not thinking much of what was about to happen. I didn't realize we would contact a problem in a bit. Nobody did.
  • I left my cart near me, I didn't even turn around for 2 minutes. But either way, my daughter got a hold of the cart. At the moment I didn't think much of it.
  • And then- I heard it. A loud bang of a cart making contact with a clothing rack. I turned around and stared in horror as I witnessed before me my own daughter stuck in the clothing rack.
  • Luckily there was an employee nearby. They quickly took my daughter to the back room and with a small but efficient needle, they stitched up her eyebrow.
  • The worker then left and told us to leave whenever we felt. I just stared at my daughter as she stared back at me. And i bet, she learnt to not run into random clothing racks.