The Great Gatsby Chapter 4 - Storyboard!

Updated: 5/13/2020
The Great Gatsby Chapter 4 - Storyboard!

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  • "Since we're getting lunch together, I thought I'd pick you up old sport!"
  • “Mr. Carraway, this is my friend Mr. Wolfshiem.”
  • “This is Mr. Gatsby, Mr. Buchanan."
  • Gatsby and Nick's friendship has grown since the last chapter. Gatsby takes Nick for lunch and on the way there, Gatsby discloses information about his past. He shows Nick souvenirs he carries on him. Gatsby tells Nick that Jordan Baker will talk with him about 'a matter' in the afternoon.
  • Gatsby introduces Nick to Meyer Wolfshiem, a shady gambler. They all sit at a table and Gatsby 'has to telephone' and then leaves the table. After an interesting conversation with Nick, Wolfshiem leaves and Gatsby returns to the table.
  • After Meyer Wolfshiem leaves, Gatsby states that Wolfshiem is the man that fixed the 1919 World Series. Nick spots Tom Buchanan in the restaurant and says hello. Gatsby feels uncomfortable and after shaking hands, he leaves abruptly.
  • Nick and Jordan meet for tea, and Jordan reveals shocking information about Gatsby and Daisy. She asks Nick if he could invite Daisy over for tea in his home where Gatsby would be waiting. Nick and Jordan's 'relationship' grows stronger.
  • Jordan Baker remembers that she saw an officer with Daisy back in 1917 and that he was the same Jay Gatsby who now lives in West Egg. They were in love, but their relationship was cut short when Gatsby went overseas. Tom crept into Daisy's life and her family approved because he is old money.
  • On the night of her wedding, Daisy refused to marry Tom, however, she was eventually persuaded into doing so. Years later, Gatsby purposely buys a home where his lost love's dock is visible from. We learn that the green light he so hopelessly strives for symbolizes Daisy; so near yet just out of reach.