Updated: 3/16/2021

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Storyboard Text

  • we are different than other people
  • CH.1
  • because I got you and you got me
  • CH.2
  • has anyone seen my wife
  • CH.3
  • lets go boy
  • George and Lennie talk about their dream and, how there different they other people.
  • CH.4
  • you might as well come on in
  • George and Lennie meet Curly for the first time and, Curly is mad and looking for his wife
  • CH.5
  • Carlson is taking out Candy's dog to shoot him
  • CH.6
  • you did good Lennie you ain't ever did bad
  • Lennie and Candy go into crooks room and Candy started talking about the rabbits and how they can make money with the rabbits
  • Lennie kills curly wife when she let him pet her head
  • i did not mean to kill her she just would not be quite
  • Goerge kills Lennie before the others can get to him