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C-Change Reflection
Updated: 3/26/2020
C-Change Reflection
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  • Hi Mr Gaff.
  • Hi Alex, what have you thought about C-change so far?
  • An activity that helped me was the keep a straight face on. That might help me when I am required to listen and keep myself under control.
  • Well, one thing I learnt from the character theme is that my best trait is self regulation.
  • Cool Alex, did you find any ideas from class interesting or challenging? Is there more you want to learn?
  • Well, the fact that a growth mindset can be good for you kind of interest me since it's said that you can achieve many more things that way.
  • Something I found challenging, let's see... Oh yeah! I found defining who I am rather hard because that's a pretty universal question. Oh and also, I thought that It would be cool to know more about how people think of themselves more
  • Good response, if this were an assessment,I would definitely give it full marks!
  • Oh, just remembered, we missed one of three themes but you forgot to tell me about the communication theme!
  • Well, a thing I learnt is that 80% of influence on people is based on communication skills. Remember that age ordering activity we had to do without talking?
  • That might help me in the future with deaf people and helping the community. But it's also quite a challenge because we rely on speech for most of our communication.
  • Tell me more, this must be one of the best responses I've had in years! In fact, It's so good, I'll let you off the hook for sitting there.
  • Sure, there is something I wanted to know more about and that's 'which is better, talking or texting?' With so many opinions, there really is no true answer. It also interests me that body language affects your communication so severely.
  • One last thing, what's your insight into all this and how did you demonstrate resilience to get through it?
  • Well, it's been a great term, hope you have a safe and happy holiday!
  • Well, I'd say all these theme are people skills and help you out in the real world whether it's finding a job or even love. I demonstrated resilience by pursuing to break through these unusual quadruple periods.
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