tern 2 reflection
Updated: 6/2/2020
tern 2 reflection

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  • Yo Alex, remember the homework we had for C-change? what'd you write about?
  • Well the three themes we had were consideration, care and courage right?
  • well, the things I learnt would include, people aren't very considerate, the five dimensions of health and people are herd animals like every other animal.
  • well, I didn't really do the homework so I was hoping for some answers.
  • oh yeah! The activities that helped my learn this were the LoveSpeech vid, the article we read, the mind maps we made and those pressure videos we watched.
  • well if you don't mind, I actually didn't do the whole thing so.....
  • oh also, the life appliance thing, you can use these things thinking before doing for consideration, taking care of your five dimensions and doing what you think is right and not being peer pressured for courage.
  • cool, more info quick! my class is about to start!
  • Well some concepts that were interesting would be that people should be naturally kind but some people just scream out 'i'm a villain' through their comments and posts, also apparently breathing is good for you, like the mindfulness breathing. Also , people have very different views of courage, some people love stepping out of their comfort zone while others don't !
  • Cool, more answers quick! Class starts in 2 minutes.
  • oop! the teachers here, well thanks anyway Alex!
  • Well, I'm gonna have to change my answers for that one, keep goin' Alex.
  • I'd also like to find out more about the consequences of people's inconsiderate acts, how yoga, mindfulness and mental health are related and how the psychology of a human works. Not that you care but this part needs you to be creative! (Pun intended)
  • Alright geez, the aspects that challenged me were mainly talking in front of the class, it's not my thing. Also for the care theme, yoga was pretty hard since I'm not very flexible.