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Cyanobacteria comic
Updated: 2/19/2020
Cyanobacteria comic
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  • 3.5 millions of years before the cyanobacteria floating start to absorb the sunlight CO2 and H2O and turned into oxygen and sugars that use for energy.
  • Now I learn to do photosynthesis
  • The cyanobacterias started dividing and they grow in number very fast.
  • We need to divide ¡
  • Yeet
  • They produce more and more oxygen and most of the organisms that live in that age they were anaerobic microbes that are organisms that don't need oxygen to live so they die
  • The huronian glaciation started because the oxygen combined with the methane and then there was other things like water to do that the earth freeze.
  • Freeze
  • jajajaja wait what?
  • after the huronian glaciation the bacteria of the plants that is a aerobic microbe survived and eat the cyanobacteria and they turned into the organelle chloroplast.
  • I will eat you¡
  • Now only from that bacteria there is complex life on earth.
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