Updated: 8/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The mirror that I bought is creepy! I should try to ask the seller about this.
  • Oh hi Daniela! What are you up to today?
  • I'm going to the market to ask about the mirror, mom.
  • No! Go and return it now!
  • You should've never bought it in the first place! Return that mirror now!
  • But mom, I want to investigate what's the mystery behind that mirror!
  • Whatever mom, i'm going now.
  • Let me tell you a little secret about the man inside that mirror. Listen closely and be prepared.
  • Oh Daniela, your back! What brings you here?
  • Hi sir! I know it sounds funny but do you know anything about the man inside the mirror?
  • Because of desperation, the man inside that mirror is my brother. He's stuck in there because of me.
  • My brother pitied me and kept the mirror with me in it. But I was desperate to get out of that miserable place!
  • Some time ago, I was behind that mirror because of a curse. The only way for me to be set free is to trap another person.