Updated: 5/9/2020
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  • What would happen if you continuously divided substances until nothing was left?
  • Why are these particles just going straight through, they seen to only rebound from one position. This must be the nucleus, compounded of a positively charged force
  • Everything substance gets to a point where it is indivisible. The indivisible point that all substances are compounded off are called 'atomos"
  • This is my discharge tube, it provides negatively charged particles to make energy
  • But if there is a negative charge, there must be a positive charge. There are positive and negative particles!
  • - + - + - + - + - +
  • Atoms are made of both negative and positive charge, randomly distributed as they are a compound
  • I think electrons must have some distinct position. Yes, i figured it out! They orbit around the nucleus at these distances.
  • These electron wave patterns would make it very difficult to calculate their exact position. Wait, its impossible! These patterns show that its impossible to provide an exact position of any sub atomic particle. However i have found a few alternate positions they can be found
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