psych storyboard
Updated: 11/11/2020
psych storyboard

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  • okay class the winners of our class spelling bee are Lucas and Lilly!
  • Lucas and Lilly are going to compete in the school wide championship!
  • if I want to win this thing I'm going to have to trick him
  • In this scene we see Lilly create a classical conditioning experiment. her UCS is Lucas hitting the buzzer when he knows the word
  • when he hits his buzzer when we practice he will get shocked, but in the real bee he wont and he'll flinch or maybe not even answer
  • Lucas being shocked by the buzzer and flinching is the conditioned stimulus
  • OW my hand
  • oh you're fine
  • Lucas's flinch and yell was his conditioned response in Lilly's experiment
  • the word is amazing
  • OW IT SHOCK-oh my gosh no it didn't
  • Lucas fell right for my classical conditioning experiment.
  • now that Lucas knows he won't get shocked anymore his conditioned response will go extinct. extinction is when a UCS no longer follows a CS, CR starts to decrease and at some point goes extinct
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