Challenge 1: ElectroMat
Updated: 12/7/2020
Challenge 1: ElectroMat

Storyboard Text

  • I am your reporter, and today I will be interviewing the students of ABCD High School about their unique way of generating clean energy.
  • Hello, students! Why don't you tell me what the name of your electricity generator?
  • Alright! Our ElectroMat powers most of our energy usage here at school.
  • Let's head inside to see how it looks like! We'll explain how it works.
  • Wow! I can barely tell the difference between an actual floor and an ElectroMat!
  • Yep! It's very subtle yet functional.
  • Countless students roam the hallways every day, so we collect kinetic energy from their footsteps, which is converted to electricity!
  • We just think that the ElectroMat is awesome since it generates clean energy!
  • Right! Imagine all the burning fossil fuels that we're replacing with these handy ElectroMats.
  • You two are absolutely right! But I have one last question: How does the mat generate power during the summer?
  • If you look closely, this giant hallway mat consists of smaller mat squares!
  • Sounds great! The viewers of this interview might be tempted to buy an ElectroMat or two because of how amazingly you guys pitched this.
  • Thus, you can easily remove and transport them to another place with higher foot traffic!
  • That's a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this segment and stay tuned for more exciting student-created innovations!
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