Protein Synthesis Bakery
Updated: 2/1/2021
Protein Synthesis Bakery

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  • Hi, welcome to my bakery!
  • This is the Nucleus cookbook. It's where the recipe of duplicating DNA is kept.
  • First the DNA unwinds and unzips from the Double Helix.
  • FlourSugarMilkEggsAmino AcidVanilla ExtractOil
  • Ingredients including Amino Acids. Template DNA to create mRNA.
  • The mRNA message that we will be sending with the proteins
  • Flour SugarMilkEggsAmino AcidVanilla ExtractOIl
  • Recipes
  • The DNA zips and rewinds as the mRNA leaves the Nucleus. The mutation occurs of two different cakes.
  • Recipe
  • mRNA attaches to Ribosome
  • FlourSugarMilkEggsAmino AcidVanilla ExtractOIl
  • Two proteins are formed.