School, By:Yineliz

School,    By:Yineliz

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  • Hey Zoe! Actually I don't know how to do it and how it works, could you please explain it to me?
  • Actually it's pretty easy if you ask me, I'll explain it at school.
  • Hey Yineliz! Are you ready for dividing fractions today?
  • On the bus
  • At Math Class
  • Dividing Fractions Explain what to do in a problem dividing fractions, then talk about it with a partner and explain how you got your answer, and when you finish and decide on an answer, then write your answer on the board with your initials and your partners.
  • Answers about dividing fractions
  • Z.L and Y.V :What you do in a problem dividing fractions isinvert
  • Summary of dividing fractions in the cafeteria
  • Dividing fractions is pretty easy if you ask me, all you have to do is invert the second fraction, then multiply the two fractions to get your answer. For example: 1/4 divided by 2/3. the real problem is 1/4 times 3/2. which would be: 3/8, you get it?
  • OOHHHH, so I've been stressing out all day for nothing/no reason? I guess it is easy after all!
  • REALLY!Finally, it was about time that we didn't arrive late to real word problem solving class!
  • COME ON ZOE!For the first time, we're not going to be late to class!
  • Extra! Heading to class
  • There are 3/5 marsh mellows, and there are 6/9 crackers at Camp Kikiwaka. Make the marsh mellows fit into the crackers.Which one is your answer out of the following? A)54/30 B)27/30 C)38/53
  • At Real Word Problem Solving Class
  • Answer:B)27/30
  • At the Office waiting to get picked up
  • No problem Yineliz! If you ever have any other difficulties on anything, you can go ahead and let me know about what you may have doubts on, and if I know anything on that subject that you don't, then I'll try to go ahead and explain it to you!Well, anyways, see you tomorrow morning, bye!
  • Well, thank you Zoe for helping me better understand dividing fractions and how they work!Now I know a whole lot of more information about them than I used to before you helped me!
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