Pioneers on a Journey

Updated: 1/22/2019
Pioneers on a Journey

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  • 3 Months after they had gotten where they are now, this is how things were for the 2 of them.
  • Missouri
  • Starting point
  • And we are women pioneers!
  • My name is Mary Seacole.
  • Hello everyone! This presentation is about becoming pioneers setting out west! We are going to be traveling from Missouri to Oregon City to have a good life and be able to enjoy ourselfs having land, economic opportunity, and many other things. We hope you enjoy this presentation!
  • You remember our journey? It really was worth it all at the end.
  • Yeah it really was worth it all. From nothing to this.
  • I'm Emma Gatewood.
  • Finally, the day has come! We'll be able to move out of here moving out west and being able to open our own business having land, economic opportunity, and more belongings than what we have now. I can't wait!
  • Well, let's get packing and we'll be on our way to many opportunities and meeting new people! This is so exiting!
  • We started off not knowing how long it would be to get to Oregon City, so we weren't prepared for what we were getting into. We had to pack as little as we could though we didn't have much. We were exited, yet sad that we had to leave. But it was for the greater good that we leave, for a brighter and greater future.
  • As sad as I will ever be, I never thought that we would get a chance to move out of here. Well, its for the best.
  • Even though this may not be the best place to be at, it was still home to me and it helped us get through a whole lot. How do you feel Mary?
  • At the Start
  • Day 1 was the easiest out of every other day. But as days passed by, we reached day 50. At day 50, we had eaten half of our food supply. We were sick of the same food every day. All we had was beans, rice, dried meat, salted bacon, dried fruit, hardtack, and crackers. We took flour and sugar. We even took baked bread, biscuits, and pies. We drank half of our supply of coffee, tea, and used half of our lemon extract for lemonade. We were so bored and had faced many threats to our survival and lives, our animals would panic and go out of control many times as well. But we hanged in tight as we knew that it was all going to be worth it all at the end.
  • Ending Point
  • Heading out West
  • Days 51-100
  • Days 1-50
  • Starting Point
  • Days 1-50
  • We ate all of our food supply and have drank everything we had. But it was all worth it because we have reached Oregon City!! We are now pioneers, we are one of the first people to settle in the frontiers of North America. We now have land and will be able to farm and do many things that we weren't able to do back then, we are so happy and exited to do many things with everything that own now.
  • We were at the last day. We had reached our new home! We ran as fast as we could to enter our new house. We were and still are very happy for making the decision to move where we live now at this moment. We'll forever be grateful for being able to reach this wonderful place and for being able to live through all of the things that we went through to have many opportunities at the end of it.
  • We're here, we're finally here!! Come on let's hurry up and enter our new home!
  • Slow down! I know your extremely happy and overjoyed, but its not going anywhere!
  • At the End
  • Days 51-100
  • This presentation is made by: Yarielys Castillo and Yineliz Valentin
  • Thank you guys for listening to our presentation, and we'll see you next time!
  • I'm Mary Seacole.
  • And we are signing off!
  • My name is Emma Gatewood.