Updated: 2/13/2020

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Storyboard Text

  • push factor
  • you got 10 seconds to run
  • any last words?
  • ima run like my life depends on it
  • plz i'm too yung to dead
  • but he said i can go
  • what, where am i?
  • you ran into a terrorist and he shot you when you tried to run, lucky you survived
  • well, he lied. the bullet somehow only took out your left kidney though!
  • daddy, where are we going?
  • i'm sorry, i can only afford two tickets
  • but mommy and my sister
  • away
  • mommy, where is daddy and my brother going?
  • to get milk from the store, honey.
  • 10 more klicks till we reach port. spin the ship hard starboard
  • guess this is the time to tell you, they are coming tomorrow
  • and that is why i came to america
  • But i miss mommy and my sister
  • the store was far away.
  • daddy, it took you 5yrs to buy milk?