Biology Project
Updated: 1/31/2020
Biology Project
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  • here this persons DNA isMutatated,the base pairs dont match up to another as they should have.
  • this is a regualr persons DNA without a mutation,the base pairs all match up to another
  • cell division that results in two daughter cells that both come from each parent is mitosis. Mitosis is general growth and repairs the body.It makes everything besides sex cells.
  • meiosis has 4 daughter cells and half the numbers of chromosomes . Meiosis is genetically different,so offspring will have genetically different traits.Crossing over also happens and
  • The only issues with Asexual reproduction is that mutations in Dna can still occur BUT not as nearly as sexual reproduction. But there is no vvariation,if the parent has a genetic disease the offspring do to
  • a potatoe plant starts as a lateral bud under the soil. This potatoe will create offsprings identical to itself undergoing asexual reproduction. Potatoes grow out of existing potatos in that case. Things related to asexual reproduction is such things like strawberries and bacteria that come from other existing sources as well
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