Updated: 12/11/2019
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  • I wanted to know what is the height of the bus stop pole.I'm standing the angle of depression from my feet to the top of the pole is 30 degrees and I'm 15 feet from the bus stop sign.So I calculate tan30(X/15).The bus stop is 8.660which rounds to 8.67 ft.
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  • Soh Cah Toa
  • Getting on the bus Going to school!!!!
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  • I want to find out the nearest degree from the door to the flag pole.If the height of the flag pole 8 and the angle of depression is 16 what is the nearest degree.So I calculate CosX(8/16).The flag and the door is 60 degrees
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  • ?
  • Im trying to figure out what is the height of the wall that the lockers are on If the degree is 25 and the angle of depression is 25 what is the height of the wall.So i calculate Sin25(X/10).The height of the wall is 10.565Which rounds to 10.57ft
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  • Winter Break!!!!!!!
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