The Californa Gold Rush
Updated: 12/13/2019
The Californa Gold Rush
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  • Alright class, who can tell me about the California GoldRush?
  • I can Mrs. Humbug! The California Gold Rush started in 1948 at a place called stutters mill. They tried to keep the gold a secret but failed.
  • Correct! But who where the 49-Niners
  • Wrong! The 49-Niners Were all of the miners who rushed to California in 1849!
  • That's easy! They are a football team!
  • Some camps, however, turned into full cities the largest being San Francisco
  • Correct Jamie. But what were the conditions of the miner camps?
  • Miner Camps? Is that like football camps...
  • They were horrible! There was a large amount of crime and almost no sanitation!
  • Not to mention, the work was hard and disease ran rampant.
  • Always read the teachers comment first then the kid in the red hoodie, then the girl in the green shirt, and then the girl in the gray shirt.
  • Right! But how many people actually, "Struck it Rich?"
  • Oh wait! I remember this one! Almost no one became rich because it was so expensive to live in California at that time
  • Right! Who can tell me how much Gold was actually found from 1848-1853 when the Gold Rush finally calmed down
  • Two Billion Dollars!
  • correct! After 1853 mining continued until 1860, but mostly by big companies that used expensive equipment to get more gold. Other than that, good job guys!
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